Name: Lady Cynthia
Age: 38
Motto: An explosive blend of eroticism and cruelty

My five favourite activities:
Facesitting, execution sessions, needles, latex fetish, overnight sessions

What appeals to me most at the moment:

At the moment I love execution sessions.
I differentiate:
The softer variation as a role play—myself as the judge, with interrogation and conviction.
The more extreme version is a pure execution. Then it gets really tough. This is not for wimps.
My submissive guest sits on the restraint chair, turned on by my provocative behaviour. Wetting his appetite really gets me in the mood.
But the game is quickly over because the delinquent has to wear a mask. That doesn’t just get my imagination running wild.…
Now it's time for him to hear, feel, sense, unsure what the next cruel action will be.
I put the noose around his neck…
I whisper wicked words of farewell in his ear…
Before the delinquent’s last hour strikes, he is allowed to experience strong lust.
I take my time and keep him waiting. It gives me extreme pleasure when he writhes, when I feel his fear, see him break out in a sweat, hear his heavy breath.
Then I have only one desire left; and I act on it.
Alternative: Then I have only one desire left; I get down to business.

What gives you satisfaction as a dominatrix and bizarre lady?
Where does your pleasure come from?

Despite, or perhaps because of my many years of experience, my eagerness to experiment has remained. I still really enjoy every session. Each session and each guest is a new experience and a new challenge.
I am constantly fascinated to discover how far men go when they are guided or led. I love the wicked balancing act between eroticism and playful cruelty. I like to use my charms and use the fact that I am touchable as an instrument of play.

What does dominance mean to you?

For me, dominance means to submit my plaything physically and psychologically. I enjoy seeing a man in the passive role. It gives me a real kick and the desire to use him as my toy. That can sometimes be soft and frivolous. But if my plaything misbehaves I quickly change back into the dominant role. Although my commands are very clear, in a good session it is also possible to laugh.
That's the way I am. I'm happy to adapt myself for a good role but I won’t change completely. I stay Cynthia, and she has two sides to her—she is lustful and extreme.

What do you love about SM?

I love the extreme, the different, the lustful, the uncertain and surprising aspects. In SM I enjoy not having to keep to pre-set, social rules. I set the rules and when I want to I can really let myself go. In a good SM session I enjoy it when the game flows, carrying me pleasurably from one element of play to another. Intoxicating, allowing me to forget time and space.

How did you begin with this job?

I have been in the business for a long time as a dominatrix and bizarre lady. In spite of this, I still enjoy each session as if it were the first day.
Before working as a professional dominatrix, I played with SM privately. I follow my intuition and I either find something stimulating, or not. In the beginning I couldn't have hit anyone. I could not imagine submitting other people. That is admittedly quite some time ago and it was because I hadn't come across the right partner. In 2006 I sometimes watched BDSM films and tried to implement what I had seen in my private life. And lo and behold—the kick was there. I began by making BDSM films and didn't become active in a studio until sometime later. Today it is my world and I live it to the full.
Meanwhile, the people in my private life also know that I work as a dominatrix. That was never a problem for me, I can deal with that very well. If someone avoids me because of that and can't deal with what I do, then they simply don't belong to me. I like openness and honesty.

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